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Archive - Aug 2011

August 27th

What does the increase in VAT on food provide

27 August 2011 / 14:08:15  
From the first of September another increase in the VAT rate from 13% (low) to 23% (standard) will be introduced in three versions for the tourist sector and in two versions for commercial sites (eg, taverns, supermarkets).

August 26th

Greek banks stung by € 5 billion after the government bonds swap

26 August 2011 / 19:08:01  
Panic on the Athens Stock Exchange for a seventh day in a row, the shares of local financial institutions reached a 20-year low record, the stock exchange members have asked the government to intervene

Stability in the euro zone will end the opportunities for economic growth of individual states

26 August 2011 / 17:08:28  
About this and other problems arising in the European area as a result of the Greek crisis GRReporter talks with the Professor of European Politics and Economics at the University of Athens, George Pagoulatos.

Spain and France help fight the flames in northern Greece

26 August 2011 / 12:08:41  
Four planes from Europe have to help local services to fight the natural disasters. 30,000 acres of forest is burning for more than 24 hours in the area of St. Thomas Mesolongi in Evros.

August 25th

Santorini, ouzo and romantic sunset brought together a Bulgarian financier and a Hollywood actress

25 August 2011 / 20:08:10  
Unexpectedly, the star from the college comedy American Pie Tara Reid married her boyfriend, the financier of Bulgarian origin Zachary Kehayov. What will happen with this relationship is to be seen.

First resignation in Papandreou’s reshuffled cabinet

25 August 2011 / 19:08:29  
The Deputy Minister of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping Harris Pamboukis voluntarily left his post, disagreing with the chaos in one of the most profitable sectors of the Greek economy - shipping.

Greece holds 20% of olive oil production in the world

25 August 2011 / 15:08:18  
However, the country ranks first in the imports of this healthy oriduct in countries like USA, Russia and China. Local producers are willing to fight for bigger share in countries with high purchasing capacity.