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Archive - Oct 2012

October 19th

Political geography of income

19 October 2012 / 14:10:57  
For whom did the municipalities with the highest and the lowest incomes and those with the largest number of tax violations vote in the last elections

October 18th

Golden Dawn: Greece is in a state of civil war

18 October 2012 / 19:10:48  
The wife of the party leader Eleni Zaroulia used the Nazi term "sub-humans" to describe illegal immigrants during a speech in parliament.

Standard & Poor’s: Increased possibility for Greece to default

18 October 2012 / 18:10:43  
Analyst for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Moritz Kraemer, states that a CCC rating of the Greek economy portends a possible default.

All should equally pay for the crisis in Greece

18 October 2012 / 15:10:10  
The readers of GRReporter believe that the severe austerities should come to bear equally on everyone in the country. The greatest support is of pensioners and the least to journalists.

live Unrest and clashes in the heart of Athens

18 October 2012 / 13:10:12  
At 1:15 pm, the special forces ran into the protest procession of the members of the confederation of artisans and tradesmen.

A connection between the "Lagarde list" and two of the biggest political scandals has been found

17 October 2012 / 22:10:47  
According to the data that have been found, persons whose names are on the list were involved in the scandals with the properties of Vatopedi Monastery and Laurentios Laurentiadis’ Proton Bank.

October 17th

Protests and demonstrations set the tone for tomorrow's general strike

17 October 2012 / 17:10:48  
The trade union of journalists has announced a 4-hour work stoppage from 11 am to 4 pm tomorrow. This means that they will be allowed to cover only the strike and the protest procession.