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Archive - Nov 2013

November 24th

The village of Ano Poroia: the perfect combination of a mountain and a lake

24 November 2013 / 15:11:46  
If you want to discover beauty and the history of the Greek outskirts - visit this village in the region of Serres, at the foot of Belles Mountain, located just a breath away from Lake Kerkini

The five star island of Meganissi

24 November 2013 / 14:11:03  
The Ionian Islands are turning into a "district of the rich and famous", attracting royal families and individuals from the worlds of business and art

The two missing people in Rhodes are still being sought for

24 November 2013 / 14:11:40  
The unprecedented flood on the Dodecanese island killed two women; the husband of one of the victims, a 53-year-old English teacher, is still missing

November 23rd

At gunpoint of the Troika: tax exemptions to the amount of 4.3 billion euro

23 November 2013 / 18:11:09  
The 849 cases up to 30 September 2013 affect individuals and legal entities, real estate transactions, consumer taxes and VAT.

Let’s cook salmon

23 November 2013 / 17:11:58  
Salmon is a very healthy and nutritious fish which you either love or hate. If you don’t like it, or if you are bored of the same recipes for smoked or grilled salmon, read this

Despina Vandi left a show because of Golden Dawn

23 November 2013 / 17:11:27  
Famous singer Notis Sfakianakis declared openly his support for Golden Dawn and attacked the government

live Two women have been killed and a man is missing after a violent storm on the island of Rhodes

23 November 2013 / 12:11:59  
Flood waters of a small river carried away the car by which three teachers from the local school were travelling; one of the passengers escaped miraculously, a teacher was found dead on Saturday morning; the third passenger in the car is still being sought for