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Archive - Dec 2013

December 19th

A bank oligopoly has been established in Greece

18 December 2013 / 22:12:42  
In 2014 there will be political instability, the political extremes will become stronger and early parliamentary elections will be possible, as stated by Kostis Lympouridis from the liberal Drassi party in an interview for GRReporter.

December 18th

One in every three families is afraid of losing their house

18 December 2013 / 20:12:26  
As revealed by an extensive survey conducted by the Institute for Small Enterprises of the Greek confederation of professional craftsmen and traders in cooperation with the marketing research and communication company MARC.

Modern Greece, reasonably or not, claims to be the successor to the Byzantine Empire

18 December 2013 / 18:12:43  
Polina Spartyanova talks with the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of History at Sofia University, Professor Dr. Todor Popnedelev, about the 1000th anniversary of the death of Tsar Samuel, which will be marked in the coming 2014.

Greece’s high life must comply with the laws too

18 December 2013 / 14:12:00  
This is the conclusion from yesterday's arrest of Michalis Liapis, a former deputy for decades and former Minister of Transport and Minister of Culture in several governments of New Democracy.

December 17th

Business should seek alternative financing

17 December 2013 / 18:12:33  
The Bank of Greece expects positive growth in 2014 after 6 years of recession.

A former minister caught with fake registration plates

17 December 2013 / 16:12:18  
The jeep was not insured and Michalis Liapis did not have his driving licence on him.

SYRIZA deputies with investments in hedge funds

17 December 2013 / 16:12:12  
The most interesting asset declaration which is raising a lot of questions belongs to SYRIZA deputy Dimitris Tsoukalas whose bank deposits amounted to € 1,071,000. According to him, he had received the sum as a lump retirement benefit.