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Archive - Apr 2013

April 20th

Sexual realisation is the divine expression of our being

20 April 2013 / 15:04:58  
The fifth house in our individual horoscope is responsible for our sexual realisation; it decides when we have achieved the desired sexual reputation

Piraeus Bank’s “dowry” is increasing

20 April 2013 / 14:04:48  
The Portuguese group BCP will contribute 400 million euro in the capital increase of the bank; Piraeus Bank has sold ATE Bank Romania for 10.3 million euro

Until you become the king of fools

20 April 2013 / 00:04:23  
For anyone who thinks that Greece has no future and that the Greek people are good for nothing, here is the story of Sergios Vafiadis, aged 23, his friends and dozens of others, who have helped him make the first full-length documentary film about the Greek punk scene from the late 1970s until today.

Wild 1920s are back in fashion

19 April 2013 / 21:04:32  
Hair-dos with brilliantine pomade and the sound of foxtrot and quickstep take Vassilis’ customers back to the spirits of the good years of men's hairstyles.

April 19th

The case of "bloody strawberries" triggers the cumbersome state apparatus

19 April 2013 / 15:04:10  
The police are entitled to carry out inspections in connection with the failure to observe the labour law. None of the shot immigrants would be apprehended or extradited as stated by the Minister of Citizen Protection.

The economy loses 3.3 billion euro per year due to smoking

19 April 2013 / 13:04:40  
If the price of a pack of cigarettes in Greece is increased by two euro, the revenue in the treasury will increase by 1.2 billion euro. 330,000 smokers will quit smoking and 125,000 young people will not try it. 192,000 death cases per year related to smoking will be prevented. These are the results of a survey carried out by an international scientific commission, which involves members of the Greek Cancer Organization, Harvard University, the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens, the University of Piraeus and the National Academy of Public Health.

April 18th

Greek monuments - symbols of world heritage

18 April 2013 / 20:04:07  
On the occasion of today's International Day for Monuments and Sites, GRReporter presents to its readers the monuments in Greece that have been declared world heritage by UNESCO.