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Archive - Nov 2014

November 21st

Blender whirls female bodies in the 5th grade physics textbook

21 November 2014 / 13:11:50  
A picture by eccentric Japanese artist Makoto Aida has provoked violent reactions in Greek society, the Ministry of Education has ordered its removal from the textbook.

How to recover after separation

21 November 2014 / 11:11:56  
The Moon in the individual horoscope is related to how we react, emotionally and instinctively, to each situation in life. Its position determines our nature in general, how we accept the world around us and how we react to it, how often we face disappointments as a whole and our general approach to them.

November 20th

Dario Fo dedicates a play to Maria Callas

20 November 2014 / 20:11:06  
The book entitled "A Forgotten Callas", which he wrote with his late wife Franca Rame, has recently become a theatrical performance and its premiere will be on 28 November in "Arcimboldi" theatre in Milan.

Over 620 reports on serious cases of child abuse have been received since the beginning of the year

20 November 2014 / 18:11:28  
The data were presented by the organization "The Smile of the Child" during an event organized on occasion of the World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children, 19 November.

Greece has abruptly liberalized the granting of citizenship

20 November 2014 / 16:11:44  
Every foreign citizen who legally resides in Greece, whether born in the country or who has emigrated to it at a young age, and attends a Greek school will be entitled to acquire Greek citizenship.

Neither Todor Zhivkov, nor Tsar Boris III is the saviour of Bulgarian Jews

20 November 2014 / 14:11:31  
The Bulgarian Orthodox Church, politicians such as Peshev and thousands of ordinary Bulgarian citizens are to be thanked for it. The fact that the Jews from the old Bulgarian territories were saved suggests that the same could have been done for the Jews of Thrace and Macedonia, as stated by Bulgarian journalist Zelma Almaleh in an interview for GRReporter.

November 19th

Girl aged 17 dies after dental intervention abroad

19 November 2014 / 20:11:06  
The causes of death have not yet been established as the first autopsy has removed important vital organs.