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Archive - Apr 2014

April 8th

Only private business can create new jobs in Europe

08 April 2014 / 20:04:38  
Europe needs a change. Its policy must overcome the European policy as well as the narrow and short-term interests of Germany and France as said by Antigone Lyberaki, the nomination for Member of European Parliament of the Greek liberal Drassi party.

Athens is the cheapest and most popular European capital

08 April 2014 / 17:04:45  
With an average price per night from 80 euro the Greek capital is a popular Easter holiday destination for visitors from across Europe.

Neoset furniture company is offered for sale at auction

08 April 2014 / 11:04:46  
The company suspended payments in 2012, and its final collapse was preceded by the closure of its factory in 2013.

April 7th

For the third time Independent Greeks are trying to intimidate the media

07 April 2014 / 20:04:16  
Chief editor of Greek newspaper "Eleftheros typos" Despina Kontaraki was apprehended and taken to a police station late on Sunday afternoon after Independent Greeks deputy Rachel Makri filed a claim against her.

Less and more expensive lamb this Easter

07 April 2014 / 19:04:24  
The lack of fresh money and high production costs are the major problem faced by farmers in Greece.

The media war between Greece and Germany subsides as the crisis subsides

07 April 2014 / 15:04:30  
Who could forget the insulting articles by the tabloid Bild and the cover of the Focus magazine, showing the Venus de Milo making an obscene gesture at the Greeks or the Greek editions showing photos of Angela Merkel dressed as Adolf Hitler?

Unfortunately there is currently no idea to unite Europeans

07 April 2014 / 13:04:28  
. If the new European Parliament is more "nationalistic" than "pan-European" this could prevent the further enlargement of the European Union and strengthen the centrifugal tendencies within the organization, according to the BBC journalist Andrey Vladov, who talks with Maria S. Topalova.