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Archive - May 2014

May 27th

Greek women were the last to gain suffrage in the Balkans

27 May 2014 / 10:05:39  
Constitutional equality between men and women in Greece was introduced only in 1975, 55 years after it was a fact in Albania and 40 years after Turkey.

May 26th

Cabinet reshuffling and early elections in Greece within months

26 May 2014 / 19:05:37  
What developments can SYRIZA’s victory lead to, albeit not so strong? How will the government respond to this vote? Political scientist Plamen Tonchev explains the consequences of the results of Sunday's vote before GRReporter.

Tsipras called for early elections

26 May 2014 / 15:05:51  
According to SYRIZA, the election results show a discrepancy between the will of the voters and the proportion between the parties in parliament.

For the first time Attica will be governed by SYRIZA

26 May 2014 / 13:05:23  
Тhe candidate of the radical left SYRIZA party was able to win in the largest area of Greece, albeit with a slight lead.

Kostadinka Kuneva will probably be a MEP

26 May 2014 / 11:05:54  
The Bulgarian trade unionist is among the six MEPs elected from SYRIZA, after the counting of 7.8% of the ballot papers.

Greek voters and the lessons of the 20th century

26 May 2014 / 10:05:36  
Unless they learn 20th century history and are aware of the fact that it is over with Marxism, Nazism and clientelism, they will have to choose between Tsipras, Samaras, Venizelos and the like.

SYRIZA, Moralis and Boutaris won the double elections in Greece

25 May 2014 / 22:05:52  
According to the first official results of the vote, SYRIZA has won the European elections in Greece with a lead of 3.9%. The ruling New Democracy remains second, with 22.8% of votes, followed by Golden Dawn with 9.3%. The ranking of the other parties, according to the results of the count of votes up to 10:00 p.m. is the following: “Elia” - 8.1%, To Potami - 6.7%, the Communist Party of Greece - 6%, Independent Greeks - 3.4%, LAOS - 2.8%, Greek European Citizens - 1.4%, and Democratic Left - 1.3%.