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Archive - Jun 13, 2014

There are no common European rules for private healthcare

13 June 2014 / 20:06:38  
Delayed payments on the part of the state are another major problem faced by private hospitals in crisis-hit countries in South Europe.

Twitter deepened the Greek debt crisis

13 June 2014 / 17:06:43  
This is the conclusion of a study carried out by three economists.

Innovative materials of the future promise shatterproof phones with a unique design

13 June 2014 / 16:06:30  
It is time for Apple to stop waving patents at courts and start offering them in their new tablets and smartphones.

The Greek coast guard service seized more than one ton of heroin

13 June 2014 / 14:06:52  
The drug was found during a large-scale operation to break up a drug trafficking network operating in different regions of Attica, which was carried out in cooperation with the Greek police and the US Drug Enforcement Administration DEA.

Deep-fried Chard Pastries

13 June 2014 / 08:06:53  
A savoury snack for any time of day...