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Archive - Jun 8, 2014

The Greek State Guarantees only Pensions up to € 360

08 June 2014 / 20:06:00  
Five changes drafted by the government will completely alter the pension landscape. The most significant one concerns those people who will retire from 1 January 2015 onwards, as the state guarantee will no longer cover the entire pension the way it is now, but only part of it - up to 360 euro.

The Pristine Beauty of Samothraki

08 June 2014 / 20:06:19  
Magical beaches, creeks and rivers coming from the Saos mountain, and going straight into the sea. This wonderful place is inhabited by a lot of migratory birds and the Monachus monachus seals. Why don’t you follow their example too?

Coast Guard in Pursuit of Illegal Immigrants Trafficking

08 June 2014 / 20:06:22  
The "Kathimerini" Newspaper reveal that traffickers call "river" the sea that separates Dikeli in Turkey from Lesvos. The distance is only 8 miles, but in order for the boats to appear safer, illegal immigrants are lied to that they cross a river, not the open sea.

Success Starts with Personal Initiative behind which is Mars

08 June 2014 / 11:06:19  
Today’s article is about personal initiative and enterprise. We will discuss what motivates us, whether we are people of enterprise, which are our best initiatives and in what areas we should take them.

Harvesting Jobs in Greece Done by Tourists

08 June 2014 / 08:06:51  
Producers from Northern Greece fear that the fruits which have not been affected yet by the foul weather will go rotten on the trees if the producers abide by the law. The problem is they cannot find either Greek workers, or foreigners to pick the fruits.