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Archive - Aug 2014

August 22nd

Only 36% of the Greek civil servants use e-mail

22 August 2014 / 15:08:33  
Half of them are college or university graduates but only one in four speaks English.

The villas of high society

22 August 2014 / 12:08:17  
The coastal Kranidi municipality in the Peloponnese has become a point of attraction for Greek and foreign super-rich businessmen who are building there deluxe villas there. In some cases the price per acre amounts to 1 million euro!

live An earthquake with a magnitude of 5 on the Richter scale in Halkidiki

22 August 2014 / 09:08:17  
Its epicentre was in the sea near Paliouri village on the first leg of the peninsula.

August 21st

The 2,300-years-old sphinxes in Amphipolis have been shown

21 August 2014 / 14:08:10  
Each of the statues that are placed opposite each other is 1.45 metres high and weighs 1.5 tons. They were made of Thassos marble and archaeologists believe that the same master had cut both the sphinxes and the statue of the Lion of Amphipolis that had adorned the top of the tomb.

Argument about 800 euro was the reason for the double murder in the Peloponnese

21 August 2014 / 12:08:56  
Konstantinos Sgouros from Kalamata, aged 26 and Yiannis Komatis from Samos, aged 25, were killed near Kalamata on Monday night. Two local young men, aged 19, were detained and questioned for the brutal murder.

August 20th

The Greek policy as shifting sands

20 August 2014 / 18:08:09  
The catalyst for the parliamentary elections next spring will probably be the election of the President of Greece by the Parliament. So far, it is unclear whether the ruling coalition will be able to provide the required majority of votes to avoid a premature vote.

live Double murder in the Peloponnese

20 August 2014 / 13:08:16  
There are gunshot wounds from a hunting rifle on the bodies and had been were transported after the murder to the place where they were found.