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01 February 2016 / 04:02:01
February is also a dangerous month for interpersonal relationships as there will be lack of patience. Therefore, many people may have tense contacts with others, "wave tomahawks in the air" and well-buried issues may come to the fore again.
Signs of financial troubles
Expanding horizons is one of the...
Unrealistic goals, spontaneous...
2016 - new discoveries, a changing...
Amidst the jungle of Christmas...
There are six basic archetype of how we accept the other, how do we allow him in our life.  
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The global crisis continues in 2011 despite the apparent end of it. Dramatic developments in the astrological climate are observed neither up, nor... 
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Exactly at 10:23 the astronomers who had focused their telescopes on the bright gap between the gray clouds started as if coordinated to look through... 
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Тhe two planets Jupiter and Saturn are the main indicator of what the affiliation of the man is, how he perceives and reacts to the impact of the... 
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I will describe in this article the principal activities of Venus’ different aspects. When Venus gets aspects from other planets, they shape and form... 
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New Year's Eve tends to bring a tendency for provocative behavior and a delicate sensibility to everything. The air will carry a lot of selfishness,... 
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From time to time I guess everybody come across interpretations related to the Chinese zodiac. Each year is dedicated to an animal of the zodiac... 
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Food has always been at the center of our existence as biological creatures. People can go without many things, but not without food and water.  
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As a food can poison a person a gem can also do the same, or an article about the gems and the personal horoscope 
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In this article I will inform you what the "weather" features for the period December 1 to 15 are and to which people this will have some meaning. 
GRReporter | 11:11 | 28 11 10 |

The decor changes, the actors switch - some of them get on the stage, others get of, a slight turmoil and then everything calms down. 
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I will turn aside a little before I continue with the aspects of Venus. I will focus on a very rare technique that is hardly used today in western... 
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