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01 February 2016 / 04:02:01
February is also a dangerous month for interpersonal relationships as there will be lack of patience. Therefore, many people may have tense contacts with others, "wave tomahawks in the air" and well-buried issues may come to the fore again.
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All of us constantly live communicating with others. This is how we are designed. To connect with others. No man on earth has managed to completely... 
GRReporter | 13:04 | 02 04 11 |

The reason is in Mercury retrograde and where you encounter the biggest confusion it is time for a definite and abrupt change.  
GRReporter | 19:03 | 26 03 11 |

In this way we get in harmony with ourselves and the world around us, and it is called successful life. 
GRReporter | 17:03 | 19 03 11 |

Extremism in the behavior of people will be transformed and other issues will come at the foreground. The décor is changing again and over the next... 
GRReporter | 16:03 | 12 03 11 |

Accidental events in life are regularities in it or what we call fate. These are the rules to which the human life is a subject 
GRReporter | 21:03 | 05 03 11 |

In this article I will tell you what are the "climate" peculiarities of the period between March 1st and 15th and who will be affected. 
GRReporter | 11:02 | 27 02 11 |

The man's face is a part, which is always visible and on display in every situation. This is the first thing we pay attention to when meeting someone. 
GRReporter | 15:02 | 20 02 11 |

The most important events in our lives are "written' and are often out of our control 
GRReporter | 20:02 | 05 02 11 |

For everybody is relevant the subject of trust and support. If this subject is in some way brought up in your life, do not pass it by.  
GRReporter | 23:02 | 12 02 11 |

Regardless of the age, it is likely that almost all will experience a very deep need to be part of a community, to have access to a certain group of... 
GRReporter | 18:01 | 29 01 11 |

We humans possess a perfect and flawless organic "give and take " mechanism. At the moment when we "accept" the other we automatically switch on to... 
GRReporter | 17:01 | 22 01 11 |

The Astrological "climate" affects people in different ways. Note the planets in your personal horoscope.  
GRReporter | 14:01 | 16 01 11 |