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Archive - Apr 2010

April 23rd

Greece officially admitted it can no longer service its debts alone

23 April 2010 / 12:04:50  
Prime Minister George Papandreou chose the tiny island of Kastelorizo to announce the news, which immediately topped the global broadcasts - the country officially asked for activation of the European mechanism for financial aid.

Street stories: Every situation has an exit point

23 April 2010 / 11:04:48  
Dimitris Grindzos owns a landscaping company Garden Delight, which is the culmination of his dream to be his own boss. He does not fit the cliché of a typical Greek lover with Rey Ban sunglasses and frappe in his hand at five in the afternoon. Ambitious, focused, but very funny and accessible, the young entrepreneur, represents a new generation of Greeks who have the power and ability to change the face of his country in this difficult period.

Street stories: Crisis can land us into reality with healthier foundation

23 April 2010 / 09:04:54  
"Greece is a spiritually orphaned country," says music critic Yiannis Svolos and admits that if he could, he would eradicate Greek shalowness.

Moody's lowered Greece's credit rating again

23 April 2010 / 09:04:14  
Athens Stock Exchange suffered another record collapse and closed with 3.91 percent decline. Spread-index of the ten year Greek government bonds reached the dreaded 600 basis points, which means that the interest thereon is formed around 8.8 percent. CDS insurance pinned to 565 basis points, which is about 200 points higher than the CDS of Iraq.

April 22nd

Thessaloniki - city of the future

22 April 2010 / 17:04:50  
New technology gurus are gathering in Thessaloniki for the first Festival of Innovation "Thessaloniki: City of Future”, which will be held between May 10 and 16.

Downtown Athens paralyzed because of strikes

22 April 2010 / 16:04:36  
24-hour strike was announced by public sector employees went out on a protest rally in central Athens. Doctors, teachers, ministry officials and state agencies, archeologists and artists protest against government measures. Meanwhile port workers continue their strike action.

Superleague wants independent president

22 April 2010 / 11:04:25  
Superleague wants guarantee the future president will not have ties to any football team.