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Archive - Jun 11, 2010

GRR HOT15: Sun and Despina Vandi

11 June 2010 / 15:06:19  
Hello in one of the sunniest June Fridays! Sofia is full of warm light and is ready to dance with our GRR HOT 15. And it, as always, is mixed and varied, with many jumping up and down the positions.

While Tax Officers Are Taking Away Curtains Because of Debts, Visits to the Hospitals for Mental Diseases Doubled

11 June 2010 / 13:06:11  
Banks announced auctions even for their debtors' furniture and, meanwhile, visits to psychiatric hospitals have doubled in the last four months

Stockbrokers and Businessmen Shifted the Black Cash of Siemens to Politicians

11 June 2010 / 12:06:22  
The parliamentary commission found a pyramid for the allocation of the black cash money of the company and insisted on opening the accounts of all those who are part of it - about 25 people from the stock market and big businessmen. The commission, which examines the scandal of Siemens’s black cash, has already in its hands a list of names of all who have received bribes from the German company. Having completed the investigation of the offices of Siemens, the Office for prosecution of economic crimes added to its report the complete list of names - mostly journalists and politicians who soon will be announced.

Just 24 Hours Remain to the Beginning of the World Soccer Fiesta ...

11 June 2010 / 11:06:36  
Many of the men have already sworn to devote their free time entirely to “the round goddess”. Wives, girlfriends and other goddesses will have to wait ... For a month.

Inflation in Greece is Three Times Higher Than the Eurozone Average

11 June 2010 / 09:06:46  
According to the National Institute of Statistics a household will pay around 510 Euros more on fuel, 127 Euros extra for food and convenience goods and around 600 Euros more for cigarettes by the end of 2010