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Archive - Jun 4, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI to Cyprus: Let Mary always protect you

04 June 2010 / 20:06:07  
With state honors, festive mood and extraordinary security measures the separated Mediterranean island welcomed Pope Benedict XVI

GRR HOT 15: Ganges and Bulgarian Invasion!

04 June 2010 / 19:06:17  
Hello and wishes for a very bright Friday! It is strange but our chart has changed a lot just like the weather.

The Greek Activists Came Back from Israel

04 June 2010 / 15:06:29  
“We were in different sections of the jail, depending on which ship we traveled with. They were shouting and acting like savages while arresting us. They wanted us to sign a document that would make all that was happening legal. Some of the people were tortured in prison, not all. But when they were giving us the food we had to eat with fingers, because there was no cutlery. There wasn’t toilet paper in the toilets.”, narrated for SKY TV the journalist Aris Hadzistefanou who is one of the 31 Greeks that came back from Israel.

Beach Volleyball Stars Compete Downtown of Athens

04 June 2010 / 13:06:16  
The tournament is held on Syntagma Square from 2nd to 6th of June and it is worth watching it. You have the chance to watch the contest between some of the most popular names in this summer sport under the hot sun in the city center of Athens.

Pope Benedict XVI Follows in the Steps of Saint Paul in Cyprus

04 June 2010 / 13:06:04  
The visit caused discontent among the Orthodox circles, no contacts with Northern Cyprus

Call for Investors in the Public Companies

04 June 2010 / 11:06:03  
The government aims to gain €5.5 thousand millions from the privatization of public companies in the next three years. At the same time it is trying to avoid the reputation of selling the state property because of the crisis. In any case, the state will keep 51% control share of the companies it is going to sell.

The Handball Fans That Raged in Lamia are Sentenced

04 June 2010 / 09:06:25  
The hooligans are accused of aggression, physical injuries, illegal possession and use of weapon. Despite the requests of some of the defenders for continuance, the judges explicitly rejected such an option.