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Archive - Jun 25, 2010

Six Times Richer Are the Speculators Who Betted That Greece Will Go in Bankruptcy

25 June 2010 / 16:06:44  
Six times richer are the speculators who aimed at Greece after the value of Greek CDS securities was $ 125,000 in October 2009 and reached almost $ 900 000 (gain 573%) eight months later! Bets that Greece will go in bankruptcy made speculators wealthy while investors who remained traditionalists betting on bonds and shares, accounted losses in the first six months of the year. The data is derived from an analysis of the Economist magazine, which refers to the winners and losers for the first six months of 2010.

Arrest Warrants at Piraeus Port

25 June 2010 / 16:06:05  
The conflict between judicial authorities and the striking trade unionists working in shipping companies strengthened after the prosecution announced that the next step will probably be to seek criminal liability for breach of obligations. Yesterday the opposition between the government and the Communist Party continued. And the prosecutors began a preliminary investigation to determine whether the key persons at the port met all requirements for not disturbing the order of the largest port in the country.

GRR HOT 15: The Triumph of Lady Gaga

25 June 2010 / 14:06:31  
Hello, music lovers. Ready or not, our GRR HOT 15 is waiting for you. We will find again interesting twists and changes and a taste of summer pinch in our chart.

The Greek Tradition in the Theater of Shadows or Karagyozis

25 June 2010 / 13:06:12  
"Theatre of Shadows is known in Greece as Karagyozis after the name of the protagonist who is poor, barefoot, always hungry and can never be satisfied" says Dimitris who is a puppeteer and deals with this kind of traditional Greek theatre already three years. "Perhaps I will never be rich, but I can not imagine working in an office and doing a dull job for me. I have fun with what I do and I love it and after 30 years when I wake up one day I will not wonder where I've wasted my life."

Women Read about the Stock Exchange, Men Buy Only Beer

25 June 2010 / 12:06:45  
Christ works in a kiosk downtown but his dream is to create and the people to calm down.

Duel between Yannis Vardinoyanis and Mr MIG Continues

25 June 2010 / 10:06:00  
Hoops are tightened and the swords remained crossed... Mr MIG considered the period of 48 hours, which Vardinoyanis gave him an ultimatum, which can not be accepted.

One Victim after the Most Insolent Attempt at Political Assassination in Recent Decades

25 June 2010 / 09:06:35  
Explosion burst out near the cabinet of the Minister of Citizen Protection Michalis Chrisochoidis, his personal assistant is dead, the explosive was in a parcel addressed to Mr. Chrisochoidis himself.