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Archive - Jun 26, 2010

Teo Theodoridis sentenced to 18 years in prison

26 June 2010 / 15:06:55  
The court found the former model guilty of drug traffic for personal use as drug addicted regardless of the negative legal opinion of the medical expertise that Teo is not drug addicted

A cheap summer holyday is the dream of every tourist

26 June 2010 / 13:06:30  
In an atmosphere of chaos and poverty, and since recently also blocked ports the incomes of the travel agencies dangerously fall. Job positions are being lost and also... tourists are being lost.

The Institute for market economy: The excessive spending will turn us into a second Greece

26 June 2010 / 11:06:45  
Peter Ganev is an economist at the Institute for Market Economy in Sofia. He is in charge of the problems of the economic freedom, competition and tax policy and has interests in the field of combating climate change and extreme poverty. The economic expert revealed to readers of GRReporter, the main steps that the government of Bulgaria should take to ensure a sustainable type of economic development in the coming years.

Green or white-red will be Vassilis Spanoulis in the upcoming season

26 June 2010 / 08:06:52  
The player continues to defer making a final decision thereby increases the tension in both "camps" immensely.