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Archive - Jun 8, 2010

PASOK Disaffiliated with Akis Tsohadzopoulos Because of Property Scandal

08 June 2010 / 14:06:32  
The second act of the drama of Akis Tsohadzopoulos took place yesterday in the offices of PASOK on 50 Harilaos Tricoupis Str., when the former high official of the party and close associate of Andres Papandreou faced the Transparency Commission to provide explanations for his property. After the publications connected with the property status of Mr. Tsohadzopoulos, PASOK is expected to officially request his disaffiliation with the party tomorrow. The former minister in several governments of PASOK said that mechanisms are activated for his “political, moral and physical abolition.”

Greece Will Not Return to the Drachma, the Government Confirmed

08 June 2010 / 12:06:36  
“We will not bankrupt, we will not return to the drachma, no new reforms will be made,” said the representative of the Government George Petalotis in an attempt to calm the society, among which increasingly are blowing rumours that the National Printing House has started to print the new drachma banknotes.

Brutal Murder of 80-year-old man by Two Teenage Girls for 10 Euros

08 June 2010 / 11:06:31  
The two girls - 15 and 16 tears old - confessed they entered the old man's house to ask him a glass of water, but in fact their purpose was to rob him.

Astrology – Mysticism, Charlatanry or Just Geometry

08 June 2010 / 11:06:09  
Over the centuries, the attitude towards astrology has been swaying between many extreme views - from complete denial, neglect and proclaimed deception to deep respect.

The Killer of Sergianopoulos Speaks Out

08 June 2010 / 08:06:02  
Two years after the assassination of the Greek actor Nikos Sergianopoulos the 31-year-old killer David Murdzikneli is alone in prison, and his family - his wife and his child are in Georgia.

Unpredictable Twists Expected in Siemens’s Black Cash Case

08 June 2010 / 08:06:37  
The parliamentary commission engaged with the Siemens case will work all summer while former ministers from the New Democracy government will testify this week. The former minister of public order Viron Polidoras will shed light on the case with the purchase of the C4I security system.