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Archive - Aug 2010

August 18th

Raging fires on Zakynthos, Lefkada and Lamia

18 August 2010 / 10:08:33  
Two big fires are raging since yesterday afternoon in the forest areas on the island of Zakynthos. The first began at 06:15 pm in Damaria and the second started 35 minutes later in Katastari. 25 firefighters and cars, two planes and 15 foot soldiers were sent to the areas of fire. Two other fires are raging in the country – one of unknown cause started late at night around 3:35 am in the village of Vrises in Cypress, where 14 firefighters, seven fire vehicles and two planes were sent.

The Greek merchant marine remains No. 1 in the world, despite crisis

18 August 2010 / 08:08:04  
According to the institution Greece manages vessels with a total capacity of 187.5 million dwt or 15 percent of the capacity of the entire world fleet.

August 17th

How did Greece win the championship in the most expensive petrol in Europe category?

17 August 2010 / 12:08:38  
High taxes and improvident state politics made thousands of people living in the north part of the country to go to Bulgaria and Macedonia to fuel unleaded gasoline, gas stations are declaring bankruptcy on a mass scale

Russian grain embargo is expected to increase the bread price in Greece

17 August 2010 / 09:08:43  
Temporary ban on exports of cereals and flour, which Russia imposed until the end of the year, is expected to raise the price of flour on the Greek market.

Communists and Arabs protest against the first visit of Israeli Prime minister in Athens

17 August 2010 / 09:08:46  
Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the Greek capital under strict safety measures the conditions of which the Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad defined in the last days.

August 16th

Motivation made V-Span become a part of Olympiacos

16 August 2010 / 10:08:40  
Although in what we believe is constant things are always relative. They are different when it comes to teams and sports.

Turkey allowed Bartholomew to say Patriarchal Divine Liturgy in a monastery under its jurisdiction

16 August 2010 / 09:08:22  
Mela Mountains near the Turkish city Trabzon was full of Pontian Greeks. Iftar sofrasi was organised for the guests.