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Archive - Sep 15, 2010

The symbol of the Greek welfare declared bankruptcy

15 September 2010 / 17:09:40  
The Pentelikon hotel in the luxury suburb Kifissia and the branded apparel of Ridenco Commercial go down in history

Greece will solve the Roma issue in humane manner

15 September 2010 / 15:09:39  
The new Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas promised that during his first press conference as the head of the diplomatic office.

Five tourists were seriously injured after an incident with a Turkish ship in the port of Kos

15 September 2010 / 15:09:55  
The tourist ship crashed in the port dock for unknown reasons. Another 20 people were injured.

Forecasts for hot autumn for carriers and railway workers ... but there will be petrol at least!

15 September 2010 / 14:09:55  
Carriers stopped the trucks and parked them on highways, railway workers decided to stop the trains for a few hours the next week, and many petrol stations closed because of the low ceiling prices the government imposed.

Thanassis Leventis: Do not use economic criteria to judge the railways

15 September 2010 / 11:09:26  
Railway workers unions required the government to hear their proposals for reform of the losing billions of euros state rail company. They are determined to continue their protests against the government bill as "the measures will not lead to railways rescue but their only goal is to privatize them and to eliminate the collective labour contract.”

Barcelona defeated Panathinaikos 5:1

15 September 2010 / 11:09:45  
The match laid the beginning of the rounds of the Champions League and as one might expect.... it did not bring points to the greens. The team of Barcelona demonstrated its brilliance and played with power and zeal worth of envy. Their skillful passes and the excellent shape of the star Messi did not allow the guests to take a breath.

€ 1.17 billion of swollen interest from international markets

15 September 2010 / 09:09:36  
The interest on the transaction reached higher levels than expected and grew to 4.82%.