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Archive - Sep 23, 2010

Euro Voice 2010 and Bjorn Lislegaard – the performer of the Norwegian Up to the Hill. Especially for GRReporter

23 September 2010 / 18:09:48  
A day before the start of the final rounds of Euro Voice 2010, GRReporter talked to the Norwegian performer Bjorn Lislegaard. The nice Lislegaard is not only a musician but an artist too. Although he is a professional guitar player, he writes the music and the lyrics of his songs.

The wave of protests threatens to turn into a tsunami

23 September 2010 / 16:09:16  
Farmers and fixed-term contract employees in state administration came on the streets after the drivers’ protests and blockades.

€ 100 million for the purchase of new trucks

23 September 2010 / 15:09:28  
The government is considering a plan to allocate € 100 million to carriers as a subsidy or indirectly as tax incentives for the purchase of new trucks. In parallel, the government has firmly decided that if drivers continue their protest on the highways it will take measures and will arrest them for blocking the traffic. At the same time, it will grant licenses to the trucks of private companies to transport goods of third parties to open the market and supply products to it.

Fernando Santos is hurt that nationals leave without saying a word to him

23 September 2010 / 13:09:54  
The Portuguese expressed his regret to the Greek media for the decision of some stars to give up the blue-white T-shirt and stated that he is mostly disappointed with the attitude.

Hospital managers will impose penalties on corrupt surgeons

23 September 2010 / 13:09:09  
Surgeons who prescribe expensive drugs will be punished through three months' suspension from operating rooms. The same applies to doctors who take bribes.

There are no fully stable insurance companies

23 September 2010 / 11:09:06  
Private insurance is a product of the capitalist system and it has only opponents in Greece, stated Dimitris Ruhalas - publisher of the specialised edition Insurance Life for GRReporter.

Drivers left the Parliament but continued the blockade

23 September 2010 / 09:09:57  
The drivers fulfilled their threat and blocked the Athens - Thessaloniki, Athens - Corinth highways and Vulyagmenis Boulevard with trucks when the Parliament voted the bill on the liberalization of their profession that is already adopted. Most of the drivers opposed the license devaluation after the three years transitional period that the government offered to fully liberalize the branch.