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Archive - Sep 2, 2010

The EU and Serbia will settle the Kosovo issue within a week

02 September 2010 / 14:09:48  
“This is not about a wish but a specific procedure that has been undertaken already,” commented Grigoris Delavekuras.

If we all respect the law for the total ban on smoking, our business will not suffer

02 September 2010 / 13:09:41  
The law for the ban on smoking in public places is already in force, but the mood of the cafes staff is surprisingly cheerful. This proves that people need a belief that rules the state determines are observed.

Marfin Investment Group: More than one billion euros loss in the first six months of 2010

02 September 2010 / 12:09:10  
The corporate giant registered losses that, according to the company management, are the result of the poor economic situation in the country and the negative prospects for its development.

The triumph of the Greek basketball team over Ivory Coast

02 September 2010 / 10:09:19  
The Greek nationals, already freed of the loss from Turkey, proved their skills again and defeated the rival team by 97-60. Of course, the fact that the team of Ivory Coast is much weaker is not irrelevant to their triumph...

23 million euros for MEVGAL dairy

02 September 2010 / 10:09:17  
The story of the milk processing company MEVGAL began in North Greece back in 1950. During its existence and development the company has proved to be one of the most powerful companies in the field. After the approval of the Competition Commission Vivartia will acquire 57.8% in total of Mevgal through its subsidiary Delta Food Plc.

Ministers will ensure the victory of PASOK in the local elections in November

02 September 2010 / 09:09:51  
Socialists are determined not to give up the local vote, renovated cabinet will be announced on Sunday, introduced is the position of Coordinator of Government