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Archive - Sep 4, 2010

U2 in Athens or the night of the music emotional journey

04 September 2010 / 16:09:04  
U2 are not a band which can be described in several sentences. They are a living music legend, which even now continues to provoke, charm and enchant. Bono and company not only proved through the prism of time that they are a band worth respect, but also convinced everyone, even slightly skeptical, that when a proper seal exists between the musicians, the melodies are born easily and remain forever.

Serious cuts are expected in the public sector since 2011

04 September 2010 / 15:09:11  
From this autumn starts the actual restructuring of public administration in Greece, which throughout the years build a reputation of one of the most inflated in terms of finances and inefficient in terms of management among the countries within the eurozone. It is expected that 30% of the civil servants will be laid off.

Greece scored a draw against Georgia as a host in the qualifications for Euro 2012

04 September 2010 / 12:09:33  
With the even score from tonight the Greek national team lost two valuable points and showed that they need time to get used to the changes, which the new coach Fernando Santos imposes on the pitch.

With GRR HOT 15 to a U2 360 Tour in Athens

04 September 2010 / 11:09:09  
The lucky winners of the GRR Hot 15 award Tanya and Radi Trushevi are already in Athens. They are so happy for their luck that they are almost "tweaking" themselves to verify that what happened to them is reality. While we are talking in the cafe of the hotel, where they are accommodated, they are telling me about their plans to see as many historical and cultural landmarks in the city as possible.

Athens needs its Rudy Giuliani

04 September 2010 / 10:09:20  
the leader of the extreme right party LAOS Georgios Karadzaferis insists on the unity of the right forces in the country for a victory against PASOK and predicts a schism in New Democracy in the event of another dramatic election loss.

A rumor for the merger of Eurobank and Alpha Bank

04 September 2010 / 09:09:55  
The result will be a powerful financial institution which will surpass in size the most powerful private bank in the country - the National Bank of Greece.