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Archive - Sep 25, 2010

The kiss of Enrique Iglesias

25 September 2010 / 18:09:28  
The kiss of Enrique Iglesias ended the Euro Voice 2010. It was earned from a madly in love girl from Cyprus, who during the show of the star in Athens managed to get away from the hands of the guards and rushed into the arms of her love ...

Economists forecast deferring of the payment of the subsidiary credit

25 September 2010 / 12:09:53  
"In the last fifteen years the economic growth in Greece had been above the average for the eurozone," said the economics professor and chief economist at Eurobank Gikas Hardouvelis. According to him the country needs bigger grace period for repaying the loan from IMF, the ECB and the EC.

Findings in the case related to the three people who died in the burning bank Marfin

25 September 2010 / 11:09:42  
The only emergency exit of the branch of the bank was locked and the spare key has been lost and the building did not have a certificate from the Fire Department

The Bulgarian contestant is happy with her performance in the Euro Voice 2010

25 September 2010 / 10:09:54  
Minutes after Boriana Hristova perform the song A pain on the stage of Euro Voice 2010 in Athens, GRREPORTER was able to talk to the young participant from Bulgaria. Once she has taken off her stage costume, Boriana, is no different than the millions of young girls around the world. She acts naturally and keeps on smiling radiantly. With the difference that she belongs to the ambitious young people who have firmly decided to fight hard for their dreams and... conquer the musical peaks abroad.

Drivers will concentrate on an occupation of the Piraeus port

25 September 2010 / 08:09:58  
Police officers from special units have surrounded the docks of Piraeus port, since carriers have decided that they would continue their protest by blocking the port. There was quarrel between drivers who want to work and carriers that are determined not to step back.