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Archive - Sep 19, 2010

Soon Athenians will travel by bicycle around town

19 September 2010 / 22:09:43  
From 22.09.2010 until 31.10.2010 the citizens of the capital will be able to try a new method of transportation which has been successfully used for years by the residents of many capitals around the world. I am talking of nothing else but of the bicycles.

Empty shelves because of the carriers’ strike

19 September 2010 / 16:09:32  
The lack of products on the market increases and since tomorrow the greatest supply problems due to the strike of the transporters are expected to face the residents of the islands and in the province. Today, another 100 trucks came out on the highways around Athens and Thessaloniki, and the carriers are saying they will continue with the protests, although the government warned that it would take strict measures.

End of the allowances for “transportation” for voting at the elections

19 September 2010 / 14:09:47  
The government is planning to save over 148 million euros by cutting off money for civil servants which were to given them to travel back to their home places and take part in the election process. The only people, who will be financed by the state will be those who participate in the electoral procedure, said the Deputy Minister of Interior Yannis Dolios, leaving unclear the question about whether the number of 97,724 workers in the public sector who have so far received money, will be reduced.

IMF: The Greek banks will start merging their subsidiaries in Bulgaria

19 September 2010 / 13:09:46  
Spiros Latsis currently in Athens, when the international markets continue to be closed for the local financial institutions and the foreign investors are not willing to take the risk for the reviving of the economy of the bankrupt country. There are events to happen.

Tension on the highways due to the carriers’ protest

19 September 2010 / 11:09:03  
More and more trucks and tanks drivers for government procurement are flocking to the fourteen points on the highways in Greece, to demonstrate that it will not step back and will strengthen their protest actions. According to drivers on the highways around Athens have stopped a total of 750 trucks and tankers. After taking a decision the carriers of fuel withdrawn from use hundreds of tanks which they have stopped in both lanes of the highway Athens-Corinth and at the toll fee payment points close to Elevzina where there are also many truck stopped.

The forward of Aris Francisco Javito is emotional and cannot sleep

19 September 2010 / 09:09:38  
The emotional Javito says that the goal he scored few days ago in Greece has raised to their feet even the people from his native area Moraleha. "Almost everybody congratulated me. Many friends and acquaintances from Barcelona as well called me on the phone. My phone did not stop ringing

Police busted a raid dealing with illegal ova trade

19 September 2010 / 08:09:11  
A raid for human trafficking, which had smuggled Bulgarians in Greece in order to make them prostitute in the streets and hotels of Athens, as well as to take ova from the women, was captured by the Greek police in cooperation with the Bulgarian authorities.