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Archive - Feb 5, 2012

live The meeting between Lucas Papademos and the party leaders ended without consensus

05 February 2012 / 22:02:50  
The talks of whether Greece should implement the measures for financial stabilization and obtain the second financial aid package of 130 billion Euros, will continue tomorrow. Jean-Claude Juncker officially warned that Europe must prepare for a Greek bankruptcy in March.

Florina, the city of snow, which inspires artists

05 February 2012 / 21:02:25  
The city is an economic centre and commercial crossroads, linking Greece with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania.

Lakis Gavalas charged also with money laundering

05 February 2012 / 19:02:30  
New grave accusations were made against Lakis Gavalas, this time for the legalization of proceeds of crime or the famous "money laundering".

I’m moving, because ... I’m getting poor

05 February 2012 / 17:02:20  
Greeks are running away. The economic crisis drives them to migration, both internal and external.

live Emergency situation in Pyrgos and Ancient Olympia

05 February 2012 / 14:02:10  
Heavy rainfall in the area of Elis on the Peloponnese peninsula killed an 80-year-old woman, "Super Puma" helicopters and police rescue people in flooded areas.

Greece lost the case for compensation from the German occupation

05 February 2012 / 02:02:48  
The International Court of Justice in the Hague ruled in favour of Germany in its dispute with Italy on the issue of payment of compensation to victims of Nazi crimes.