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Archive - Feb 9, 2012

Greece bans circuses with animals

09 February 2012 / 20:02:14  
GRReporter contacted the Greek foundation for animal protection, which has made the issue public and talked with the representative of the organization - Evgenia Mataraga.

Akis Tsochatzopoulos banned from leaving the country

09 February 2012 / 19:02:16  
The court imposed a monetary penalty of 150,000 euro on the former minister and froze the disputed property under the Acropolis.

Unionists protest against the privatization of the Greek Public Power Corporation

09 February 2012 / 18:02:59  
The protest was organized to stop the ratification in parliament of a legislative act that made ​​possible the sale of part of the electricity distribution network.

Vodafone transfers cash from Greece to the United Kingdom

09 February 2012 / 16:02:10  
The European Commission and the International Monetary Fund have given the Greek government another 15 days to find measures to save 300 million euro. Companies smell bankruptcy and problems in Europe and transfer their money to the safer pound.

Athens airport against low cost airlines

09 February 2012 / 15:02:42  
"Eleftherios Venizelos" rewarded its shareholders with one billion euro in 2011, 750 million of which went to the treasury. This will not be possible if airport fees are reduced, the airport management says.

More than 1 million unemployed in Greece

09 February 2012 / 14:02:45  
This is equal to the record 20.9% of the population, according to the data of the national statistical service for November 2011, the average unemployment rate in the eurozone is 10.4%, a new 48-hour strike on Friday and Saturday.

live Another meeting of political leaders in the early morning hours

09 February 2012 / 02:02:19  
Party leaders have agreed on everything except for the auxiliary pensions, announced the Greek Prime Minister's office. At the moment Lucas Papademos is meeting the representatives of the supervisory Troika, seeking how to fill the gap of 300 million euro.