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Archive - Feb 2012

February 21st

Greece provides Patriot missiles to NATO shield

21 February 2012 / 16:02:09  
The issue will be discussed during the visit of the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, Admiral James Stavridis, to Athens.

live The eurozone has approved the second bailout of 130 billion euro to Greece

21 February 2012 / 15:02:32  
A special account always availing funds for the payments to creditors for three months ahead will be opened, the conditions for the Greek PSI change - private creditors would suffer more losses.

Five easy and fault-free stress relief methods

21 February 2012 / 07:02:38  
Five easy and effective methods to get rid of the stress and tension, which you can take with you anywhere and are completely free!

Significant decline in tourist bookings

20 February 2012 / 23:02:39  
The greatest is the decline from traditional markets such as Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. There is an increase in bookings from relatively new markets like Russia and Israel.

February 20th

Three of the Greek Anonymous captured, two are minors

20 February 2012 / 21:02:54  
A boy at the age of 18 and two at the age of 17 and 16 are the anonymous hackers, who had cracked the codes of the website of the Greek Ministry of Justice in early February this year and then, blocked it for more than a day. The young boys belong to the Greek hacker organization that calls itself the Greek Hacking Scene - GHS.

European Investment Bank financed 1,700 private enterprises in 2011

20 February 2012 / 21:02:39  
The European Investment Bank has assisted in the establishment of innovation structures that facilitate the financing of projects in times of crisis.

There is a different Greece willing to work, create and prosper

20 February 2012 / 20:02:55  
This political system is a mechanism for fraud and corruption. It cannot be amended. It must be destroyed and built from scratch, says the founder of the party "ReCreate Greece" Thanos Tzimeros in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova.