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Archive - Sep 2013

September 14th

September is the month of vanity in us

14 September 2013 / 20:09:32  
And this is no accident, since the planet Venus and the zodiacal sign Virgo are the astrological equivalent of vanity because Venus is literally in a fall in this sign.

A group fusillade against Golden Dawn

14 September 2013 / 17:09:40  
The attack against members of the Communist Party while they were attaching posters during the night in Perama provoked sharp reactions of all parties against the neo-Nazi party

MPs, mayors and tax officers are the main suspects of corruption

14 September 2013 / 17:09:47  
Explanations in terms of corruption of public officials lie in the unwillingness of the government to deal with the problem, poor personnel selection, small penalties, tolerance of society, and gaps in legislation

A Sunday in memory of Maria Callas

14 September 2013 / 14:09:23  
On the occasion of 36 years since the death of Maria Callas (16 September 1977), the Greek National Opera will celebrate the great Greek singer on 15 September

September 13th

The additional leave for working on a computer has been cancelled

13 September 2013 / 20:09:27  
Тhe specific leave was six days per year for which the employees had received their full payment.

The majority of voters do not accept SYRIZA’s messages

13 September 2013 / 20:09:35  
The party is deliberately leaving many issues unresolved for the sole purpose of attracting votes from different political spaces as stated by political communications adviser Eftichis Vardoulakis.

Oligarchs and millionaires bargain for investments in Greece

13 September 2013 / 17:09:41  
Investors' preferences are focused on the sectors of real estate, energy, agricultural products, foodstuffs and tourism.