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Archive - Jul 20, 2014

The concept of human design

20 July 2014 / 21:07:38  
Human design is the science of difference - the difference between individuals. Its concept holds that every human being on planet Earth operates and functions differently, in the physical, mental, psychological, intellectual and emotional sense of the word. Not one person can be entirely like another, not even twins.

Five Mandatory Summer Accessories

20 July 2014 / 21:07:24  
Colourful scarves made of silk or other materials are the best way to refresh your summer clothes. They add colour to jeans and monochrome shirts, and keep you warm when you enter a building cooled by air conditioning. There are dozens of ways to wear scarves: you can tie them around your neck or on your hair, or use them as belts over a plain dress.

Greek Pensions Range from 1300 to 430 Euro per Month

20 July 2014 / 21:07:42  
According to the Helios information system, the number of pensioners in Greece in July was 2,656,855 people. Of these, 23% were aged over 81 years, 32% were aged 71 to 80 years, 40% were 51 to 70 years, and only 1% were pensioners under 25 years of age. Moreover, the highest pensions are received by pensioners aged 56-65 years.

Maziotis Held in a Prison Cell with Cameras and Bulletproof Windows

20 July 2014 / 21:07:22  
In court, when asked by investigators about his profession, Maziotis replied that he was a revolutionary, but refused to say his name. The investigator gave him time until Monday, 1.30 pm, to prepare his defence speech.