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Archive - Feb 16, 2011

Greece wants lower interest rates and longer term to repay the aid

16 February 2011 / 19:02:50  
Extension of the payment term of the 110 billion aid to at least 11 years and reduction of the interest rate on government borrowing requested the Greek government at the meeting of Eurogroup and subsequently of Ecofin.

Greek police is not convinced that Galeb Taleb is an international terrorist

16 February 2011 / 14:02:41  
Is he a dangerous international terrorist who planned large-scale and bloody attacks across Europe or a poor illegal immigrant living in a shack with the help of neighbours and charitable organizations?

Attempted prison riot in Korydallos

16 February 2011 / 12:02:43  
Serious damage was caused in Korydallos due to the attempted riot by prisoners from the third wing after their daily walk in the yard.

New labels for products from organic not GM fed animals

16 February 2011 / 12:02:56  
Milk, meat, eggs, cheese, yellow cheese and other animal products will get a special label if produced from organic instead of GM fed animals. Greece is the fifth country to introduce the label after Germany, France, Austria and Luxembourg.

Drivers’ protests will continue after the vote on the law to reform the public transport

16 February 2011 / 11:02:29  
Tuesday was the most important day for public transport employees in Athens. The controversial bill to reform public transport was in parliament on Monday to be voted later on Tuesday evening. Discussions began at six o'clock in the evening, expected to continue until late evening, and some additions to provisions to be made.

Striking immigrants’ condition is serious, some were hospitalized

16 February 2011 / 09:02:53  
After 22 days of hunger strike the immigrants lost over 10 - 12 kg. Their muscles atrophied, they are unable to stand for long and faint. There is no government response.