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Archive - Feb 1, 2011

Online business makes you look on the bright side in times of crisis

01 February 2011 / 18:02:55  
What are the opportunities of the Bulgarian commercial company which faces a shrinking market and reduced purchasing power, indebtedness, complex banking and financial environment and fierce struggle for survival in the industry?

Greece fears immigration inflow from North Africa

01 February 2011 / 15:02:47  
Аrmed forces and all competent authorities in Greece are on high alert in view of the developments in the Maghreb. The aim is to be prepared to cope with the possible large immigration flows to the country from Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

The pros and cons of foreigners entering the universities’ general assemblies

01 February 2011 / 13:02:49  
Whether representatives of foreign universities should enter the general assemblies of Greek universities or not is the hot point in the new bill of the Ministry of Education. The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy ELIAMEP decided to organize a series of discussions with antitheses given the opposing public discourses which unleashed the government reforms.

Hillary Clinton has cancelled her visit to Athens again, this time because of the crisis in Egypt

01 February 2011 / 11:02:06  
Sunbeam started - three military cargo aircraft S130 took off from the military airport in Elefsina to bring back the Greek citizens.

Downturn in retail at the end of 2010

01 February 2011 / 10:02:39  
According to the National Statistical Institute, the total sales volume in all retail sectors decreased by nearly 7% in the last month of the past year and by 12% in November. Retailers themselves say that the Christmas and winter season as a whole was the worst in their practice.