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Archive - Feb 3, 2011

Five activists supporting the immigrants defended their actions

03 February 2011 / 18:02:51  
Five people from the newly-formed organization solidarity initiative in support of the 300 immigrants who went on a hunger strike ten days ago were called before the Court of Appeal today to give explanations. The five activists who supported the immigrants are called before the court for being suspected of immigrants trafficking.

The trial of Fire Nuclei will be held in an empty courtroom

03 February 2011 / 16:02:59  
The trial of the accused members of the terrorist organization Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei took a turn. The court decided at the meeting that lasted several hours to proceed with the case in the absence of the accused and their defenders.

Tax rules tightening has split the government and social partners

03 February 2011 / 15:02:44  
George Papakonstantinou invited all social partners in the ministry to take part in a "constructive" dialogue before introducing the final text of the bill for a vote. After a four-hour hearing of the views of different parties in the public dialogue the situation was like in the fable about the eagle, cancer and pike.

Innovative companies are leaving Greece

03 February 2011 / 12:02:35  
Lack of liquidity, vast bureaucracy, heavy taxation and uncertainty in the future are the main reasons companies from different fields to settle in other countries offering more favorable business conditions

Greece is to deprive immigrants of the right to vote

03 February 2011 / 11:02:39  
The decision of one of the departments of the Supreme Court of Appeal in Greece that the participation of foreigners in the local elections held in November was unconstitutional caused sharp responses.

Doctors continue the strikes and the ministry has found a solution for patients

03 February 2011 / 10:02:28  
Doctors continue the occupation of the Health Ministry as they want the government bill to be withdrawn. The main problem according to them and what they fear is that the bill is possible to be applied in theory but it is not clear how the reforms will be implemented in practice. Moreover, doctors’ unions are numerous and their representatives have offered to make a forum for everyone to share their proposals and a common platform to be agreed upon.