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Archive - Feb 25, 2011

Unrest in Arab countries raises gasoline prices

25 February 2011 / 22:02:38  
The reduced production in the Jamahiriya by 25% or 400,000 barrels per day causes a chain reaction in oil pricing. Experts warn about uncontrolled international speculation.

There is no alternative to the labour market liberalization in Greece, shows GRReporter’s poll

25 February 2011 / 20:02:54  
For the first time the readers of the three versions of the site have the same opinion. And it is that the market in Greece must be liberalized so that there be fair competition. GRReporter’s poll asked you last month, as you can guess, whether the Greek labour market should be liberalized.

Social benefits are real mess, admitted Katseli

25 February 2011 / 20:02:59  
"It is not clear whether those on benefits really need them," said the Minister to journalists.

George Daskaleas fined 450,000 euros for investment services without permission

25 February 2011 / 18:02:01  
It became clear in the middle of 2010 that an investment company controlled by George Daskaleas that managed about 30 million euros but it was not authorized to offer financial advice or investment services, nor has the right to hold money of third parties to make any kind of investment transactions with it.

The Sect of Revolutionaries included in the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations

25 February 2011 / 17:02:22  
By decision of the U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs the Greek far-left group Sect of Revolutionaries was added to the list of terrorist organizations the funds of which can be seized. It turns out now that the Arabian "terrorist" who was presented as senior functionary of Al Qaeda is just a jewelry thief.

Four Greeks killed in bus accident on the Athens-Istanbul road

25 February 2011 / 15:02:08  
Five more were seriously injured and there are Greek citizens among them. The wounded were taken to the hospital in Malgara. The crash happened at 4.50 am on the road Ipsala-Istanbul in Turkey, near Malgara after the bus had overturned in an abyss for unknown reasons so far.

Greece evacuated nationals and foreigners from Libya

25 February 2011 / 01:02:28  
The Greek authorities organized the evacuation of Greek citizens and receipt of foreigners working in Libya. Three C130 cargo planes are expected to bring the Greeks who work on oil platforms in the North African country.