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Archive - Feb 2011

February 20th

After 26 days of hunger strike, immigrants can no longer drink water

20 February 2011 / 18:02:44  
Four people are hospitalized and 233 are on the brink of starvation after 26 days of hunger strike. T

The more true we are to ourselves, the slower we age

20 February 2011 / 15:02:21  
The man's face is a part, which is always visible and on display in every situation. This is the first thing we pay attention to when meeting someone.

February 19th

“Crisis” is the lead topic for the carnival costumes this year

19 February 2011 / 19:02:30  
The Greeks are masters of having good time, of the good cuisine and hospitality and in the month of carnivals they are in the throes. But not this year, someone might think with mild sarcasm. The truth is that in cities where the organization of the colorful pageant, parties across the city and having good time are a matter of honor, hotels are still waiting for reservations, the budgets of municipalities for the carnival have been cut by 40% and applications for participation in the parades have decreased.

The National Bank of Greece surprised by the refusal of Alpha Bank

19 February 2011 / 12:02:15  
The reaction of Eurobank EFG is still expected, scenarios for a more attractive offer to Alpha bank, moves towards foreign banks are also an option

How can we retain the users on our website

19 February 2011 / 11:02:47  
There is no doubt that attracting users is the main purpose of each site. If there is no one to read the content or no one to buy, then the site has not fulfilled its purpose. See how you can retain the users on your website.

Greek Ministers could not agree on the issue of the finance prosecutor

19 February 2011 / 10:02:35  
In recent days "high level" disputes are common at the meetings of the Greek government. This time, ministers could not agree on the issue about the establishment of a new office of finance prosecutor, although they had discussed the subject at an earlier meeting as well as in conversations among themselves.

February 18th

After 25 days of hunger strike the condition of immigrants is critical

18 February 2011 / 20:02:28  
One of the starving immigrants named Hassan took the floor first during the press conference on the health condition of immigrants. He was able to utter a few sentences and collapsed due to hypothermia and exhaustion. The same is the condition of most of the total of 300 immigrants in Athens and Thessaloniki after 25 days of hunger strike.