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Archive - Jul 2014

July 30th

Support instead of Prison for Under-age Drug Addicts

30 July 2014 / 08:07:27  
The Greek Organisation against Drugs OKANA launched a pilot programme to help juveniles aged from 13 to 18 years and young people from 18 to 24, who are caught breaking the law on drugs for the first time.

Nepotism among the Members of the European Parliament

30 July 2014 / 08:07:28  
In a typical Balkan style, the Greek members of the European Parliament took full advantage of the possibility to settle their spouses, children, relatives and party mates for a nice job and high incomes.

July 29th

The Pilots who Died near Sparta will be Buried Today

29 July 2014 / 14:07:42  
The engine of the aeroplane was dead at 100 metres above ground and the pilots had no time to eject.

SOFIMUN as a Gate to a Diplomacy Career

29 July 2014 / 13:07:03  
José Antonio Villena Sierra, Secretary General of the 7th edition of SOFIMUN, shares his experience of external adviser for the trade agreement between the European Union and South American Countries with the delegates at the Sofia International Model United Nations.

The USA Seeks to Establish a New Drone Base in Crete

29 July 2014 / 11:07:59  
Stationing of the unmanned vehicles is part of the US strategy for coping with Islam terrorist groups in the Middle East: this issue is to be discussed during the August visit of the Defence Minister of Greece in the US

Plato’s Academy or Continuing Journey to Knowledge

29 July 2014 / 10:07:21  
190 students from Europe and other countries have participated in an educational tour presenting the period from ancient times until now, organised by the universal model of Plato's Academy.

The Woman Saved from Circumcision in Kenya

28 July 2014 / 21:07:55  
She is a 42-year-old, slightly plump woman with short curly hair. In recent years, she has been living in the central neighbourhood of Kipseli in Athens, and everywhere she goes, she takes her three-year-old child with her. Her two older sons live in children’s homes of different foundations.