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Archive - Jul 2014

July 26th

Processed Food, Junk Food and Computers are to Blame for Childhood Obesity

26 July 2014 / 08:07:24  
One in three children in Greece is overweight or too obese for their age. According to the new research of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Greece, along with Italy, Slovenia and the United States are the member states of the organisation where the problem is most serious. The situation in the rest of Europe is not better.

July 25th

The Largest Photovoltaic Catamaran in Corinth

25 July 2014 / 17:07:39  
One of the oldest prehistoric villages in Europe, submerged in the Argolic gulf, will be studied within the Terra Submersa archeological mission.

British Court Rules Out Extradition of Credit Millionaires to Greece

25 July 2014 / 17:07:25  
The accused of siphoning off Hellenic Postbank, Kyriakos Griveas and his wife Anastasia Vatsika, can appeal the ruling in 7 days. Otherwise, they will be immediately surrendered to the Greek authorities.

Baked Fish and Seafood Parcels

25 July 2014 / 08:07:12  
A parcel full of colour and flavour...

An Exhibition Takes Us Back to the Most Dramatic Period in the History of Greece

25 July 2014 / 08:07:10  
Today marks the 40th anniversary of the restoration of democracy in Greece after the 7-year long rule of the military junta. After the bloodshed of WWII and the ensuing Civil War, it is this period that is considered most dramatic in the modern history of the country.

July 24th

Underwater Museum of Greek Mythology

24 July 2014 / 18:07:45  
The museum will be established in Cyprus, in the coastal area of Parnera, Ayia Napa Municipality

Greece attracts tourists with its nature, history and cuisine

24 July 2014 / 18:07:12  
The Mediterranean country uses its advantages wisely to attract tourists from all over the world. According to our readers, hospitality and accommodation quality are of lesser importance.