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Archive - Dec 13, 2010

Agricultural Bank’s on-going strike to forerun the coming avalanche of protests of all Greek banks

13 December 2010 / 17:12:21  
All branches of Agricultural Bank of Greece closed this morning, fore-running the 48-hour strike of all other banks tomorrow. The strike of Agricultural Bank’s employees will continue indefinitely and their demands are for not reducing their wages by 10% as provided in paragraph 12 of the new labor relations draft.

Christmas concert in the temple of St. Panteleimon with police and racist slogans

13 December 2010 / 16:12:36  
The Greek archbishopric and the Music Chamber in Athens organized the event to put an end to clashes between xenophobe groups and immigrants in the area.

More than 12 billion euros in additional cuts from 2012 to 2014

13 December 2010 / 12:12:04  
Greece's fiscal consolidation implementation is under question. If the government proves incapable of solving the problems by March 2011, more severe measures will be applied in the country in the future.

Hard times for public transport passengers in Athens

13 December 2010 / 10:12:10  
Urban transport employees that decided to stop all vehicles from 11 am to 4 pm are on strike still from Sunday. Buses, trolleys and subway strikes will hinder the movement of the Athenians almost until the end of the week. People do not believe these protests would make any sense as some of the demands of the protesters are unreasonable.