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Archive - Dec 15, 2010

Acts of violence in downtown Athens

15 December 2010 / 15:12:02  
Anarchists split the demonstration against the draft and began to throw Molotov bombs on Syntagma Square. Police responded with the use of tear gas and protesters began to disperse. Police and anarchists chased around the city center causing street rows and sweeping shops and restaurants.

Discord and disaffiliations for the law to liberalize the labour market

15 December 2010 / 14:12:38  
The radical leftist SYRIZA and the extreme right LAOS proved to be of one opinion for the first time and united against the plan of the PASOK government to reform labour relations in the country to meet the economic reality today.

Jeeps era is over. For now

15 December 2010 / 13:12:07  
The interest in the automotive market development was prompted after it was announced that a businessman from the car import and trade sector took his own life early this week. Is the situation really so serious? A reportage by Victoria Mindova.

Trade unions: The government to withdraw the company agreements draft, even at the last minute!

15 December 2010 / 12:12:14  
Unions of state companies, rail workers, public transport employees, who organized a 24-hour strike, aviation employees, banking officials, who also were on strike for a day, doctors from state hospitals at the IKA insurance fund, which will work only with emergency staff, took part in the rally.

Policemen, firefighters and coastguards joined the chain of protests in Athens

15 December 2010 / 10:12:51  
Over 1500 men and women in uniforms took part in a protest rally to express their discontent with the measures of fiscal discipline and stabilization the government is trying to implement.

Greece on strike against its financial stability

15 December 2010 / 09:12:39  
Trade unions paralyze the country for 24 hours, multimillion Athens remained without public transport for four days, the airspace above Greece is closed, banks, courts and pharmacies are closed, no news