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Archive - Dec 23, 2010

Explanations for the case of the ‘pink’ DVD and the black 5.5 million euros required Dora Bakoyannis in Parliament

23 December 2010 / 15:12:56  
Four days ago have started Dora Bakoyannis’ attacks from the Parliament rostrum against the journalist Themos Anastasiadis. She even doesn’t call him by his name but ‘the carrier’ as the media had called him during the scandal that broke about the journalist and publisher of the Proto Theme newspaper three years ago.

Intended for cleaning work in offices, exhibition halls and kindergartens

23 December 2010 / 11:12:02  
While workers in landfills are on strike, employees of the cleaning department at the Athens Municipality rush to clean up tons of waste that have piled in the streets in downtown Athens. Meanwhile, public administration's auditors found serious violations in the public service functioning.

Weak rally against 2011 budget

23 December 2010 / 10:12:16  
The Parliament approved the budget after stormy debate, economists have required reforms braver than envisaged in the Memorandum and Bloomberg filed a lawsuit against the European Central Bank for the statistics in Greece.