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Archive - Dec 17, 2010

GRR HOT 15: Rythm overdose tagged Barbara Streisand

17 December 2010 / 17:12:37  
Hello, music fans. Winter finally showed up and fluffy snow, white and clean covered it all. True music fans need only one thing in such cases - good music to make them warm while dancing. Of course, our favourite GRR HOT 15 is full of it, indecently abundant though.

Economists: Greeks have learned to look for easy solutions in the public sector

17 December 2010 / 15:12:55  
The reasons for the state of the country today and their views on the future economic development shared Andreas Andrianopoulos and Panagiotis Genimatas at the meeting of the newly liberal think tank of economists Forum for Greece.

Violent clashes between illegal immigrants to 'control' the port of Patras

17 December 2010 / 13:12:29  
Once again the economic immigrants in Patras outstripped with knives, stones, sticks and iron bars to find a place in one of the tens of trucks that every day park on the quay at the city port to board the ferries to Italy.

The centre of Athens once bright has faded to gray

17 December 2010 / 12:12:16  
A few people are going to shop along the biggest shopping street in the country Ermou. Bright, joyful and full of life once, today Ermou seems sad, empty and lifeless.

Moody's to lower the credit rating of Greece

17 December 2010 / 10:12:00  
The reasons are doubts whether the country could reduce its budget deficit, increase the number of people who pay their taxes, increase budget revenues and pay its debt ultimately.

Chaos in the streets of Athens in the days before Christmas

17 December 2010 / 09:12:24  
The week before Christmas will be loaded with strikes as a Christmas tree with lights. Some or all of the transport companies will be on strike every day and traffic jams in the Greek capital will last for days.