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Archive - Dec 4, 2010

Our favorite foods and the horoscope

04 December 2010 / 18:12:06  
Food has always been at the center of our existence as biological creatures. People can go without many things, but not without food and water.

In the Greek prisons women are still subjected to vaginal examinations every time they come back from leave

04 December 2010 / 14:12:00  
About the brutal suppression of all rights and ruthless humiliation of human dignity alert representatives of the organization "Initiative for the rights of detainees" in a conversation with Anastasia Balezdrova. The prisoners are starting a hunger strike from Monday.

Disadvantaged people ask for the right to a just life

04 December 2010 / 12:12:00  
After 771 protests, strikes and rallies held since the beginning of the year on December third 2010 on this same square gathered the disabled people. Unions across the country held a rally in the center of the Greek capital to familiarize the public and government with the problems which they encounter every day.

Bloomberg: Greece is expecting to face a restructuring of the foreign debt

04 December 2010 / 11:12:13  
The paper referred to economic analysts, familiar with the issues of capital management. At the same time, Standard & Poor's warned that another reduction in the country's credit rating is just around the corner.