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Archive - Dec 30, 2010

Bomb exploded in front of the Administrative Court in Athens without causing casualties, police investigations relate to Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei

30 December 2010 / 18:12:18  
A powerful explosion shook the centre of Athens a little after 08:20 this morning. Bomb placed in the trunk of a motorcycle exploded in front of the Administrative Court in Ambelokipi neighbourhood.

GRR HOT 15: Vote for the song of 2010

30 December 2010 / 16:12:29  
Hello, music fans! Today's edition of GRR Hot 15 is much more different than any other during the year. The reason more than clear is its ending. So, instead of jumping into the routine we will celebrate together the 15 coolest songs of the past 365 days. We expect you to choose the song of 2010!

Tobacco growers are not afraid of the crisis

30 December 2010 / 14:12:09  
The excise duty on cigarettes and tobacco were increased twice in 2010. This directly affected the owners of kiosks for cigarettes as their profit margin fell significantly but not manufacturers.

European Rapid Border Intervention Teams will remain in Greece another two months, the traffic of illegal immigrants could shift to Bulgaria

30 December 2010 / 13:12:03  
More than 73 people traffickers were arrested this year in Evros under the specialized plan to prevent illegal immigration.

Bomb explosion in front of the Greek Embassy in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

30 December 2010 / 13:12:26  
Bomb exploded in front of the Greek Embassy in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

The new Mayor of Athens took an oath while demonstrators chanted in front of the City Hall

30 December 2010 / 12:12:43  
Municipal officials, creative minded local organizations and citizens to unite in order Athens to cope with the challenges under the new conditions. This was the call of Mr. George Kaminis who took an oath as the new Mayor of Athens with hand on his heart in solemn ceremony.

Swing, bouzoukis and children skating to enjoy New Year holidays

30 December 2010 / 10:12:50  
New Year is coming, the spirits are high and you probably wonder where you could have fun around Athens. Prices in night clubs have not increased too much because of the economic crisis and if they doubled in previous years this time this would completely ruin the clubs. Hey, even taxis do not charge their holiday surcharge of euro or two this year! So, you can dress up, invite your friends and spend the New Year’s Eve at bouzouki or club without suffering pangs of remorse for the money spent.