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Archive - Dec 11, 2010

Architects donate a different playground

11 December 2010 / 18:12:49  
Cement cylinders in which the children can pass, climb and slide, small gardens of boxes with flowers planted inside, swings and bright orange durable wristbands on which the children to climb have chosen to put the two architects of Vois Architects, who are giving the space to develop the imagination of children.

Size does matter after all

11 December 2010 / 16:12:44  
Or what is meant under cigarette, cigar, rolled cigarette and small cigar in Greek

When you read the Chinese zodiac, relate the information with your place and attitude towards the social and public life.

11 December 2010 / 16:12:52  
From time to time I guess everybody come across interpretations related to the Chinese zodiac. Each year is dedicated to an animal of the zodiac and thus different judgments about the quality and character of the year are being made.

They will either submit the data or their subsidies will be ceased

11 December 2010 / 12:12:35  
Many universities refuse to provide data for teachers and employees in the faculties who have family relations, as well as for the number of students. A few weeks ago the scandal broke out with the Faculty of Social Theology, where it was found that there are numerous violations related to appointments of family members of the staff that led to the proposal for closure of the faculty.

Sports schools in Greece will be closed down

11 December 2010 / 10:12:32  
Three decades after their opening, the sports high schools in Greece are about to be closed down because, according to the Ministry of Education, they were "unproductive for sport and pedagogically incorrect in terms of education"

Happy first snow, Athens!

11 December 2010 / 09:12:31  
The Greek capital woke up this morning covered with a thin white gown - the first snow in the city in two years now.